Gaurav Agarwal

About Me

I am a certified Enterprise Cloud and DevOps Architect working for leading multinational clients to create a well-informed cloud strategy, manage the cloud adaptation process, improve the delivery lifecycle by engineering automation, identifying delivery bottlenecks and solving complex problems.

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About The Blog

As a recognised Expert on Cloud and DevOps & an ardent tech blogger, I have numerous articles published on Cloud Native and DevOps technologies such as Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, Istio, Jenkins and others

This blog is the collection of all articles I have written and published.

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I am also a passionate developer and like to share some tools with the community.

Please visit for free client-side Javascript tools helping developers in encoding and decoding Base64 to String, Hex to String, URL encoding and decoding, formatting and validating JSON, YAML, CSV and much more!

My Skills and Experiences

DevOps Consultant @ Capgemini


Systems Engineer @ Tata Consultancy Services

MAR 2012 - APR 2015